HYMN 850

D.S.M (FE 891) 
Tune: Emi Olorun mi

1.  HOSTS of heav'nly Angels

     The divine heav‘nly hosts

     The host of the Apostles Saints 

     The host of heav‘nly beings 

     All in heaven above

     Praise Thee at noon and night 

     Almighty God the Trinity

    Omnipotent Most High.

2.  Converging Band by Band 

     Before Thee our Father

     To offer unto Thee our thanks 

     Coupled with our off'rings 

     Harvest offerings we brought

     To the God of harvest

     Oh God we plead descend and fill 

     This house with Thine Glory.

3.  Amidst countless horrors 

     Encircling us about

     Amidst unstable earthly tides 

     In harvest ages past

     To Thee we offer thanks

     For sparing all our lives

     To this our harvest day oh Lord 

     We glorify Thy name.

4.  When Noah’s offering he brought 

     Rainbow, Thou manifest

     As sign that no flood will ever 

    Submerge the earth again 

     Rainbow please manifest

     For the sake of our Christ

     May sorrow and grief and anguish 

     Nay our lot ever be.

5.  The widow then of old

     Just little offered she

     Abundant blessings she received 

     For the least offered she

     Jesus today we plead

     Pour Thy blessings on us 

     All our offering we plead receive 

     E‘en though substandard be.

6.  We plead Thee oh our God

     Our hearts we plead receive 

     Unwholesome heart brought we to Thee 

     Wholly and filthy though

     With Thine blood Jesus cleanse

     The guilty stains away

     May all our hearts an offering be

     Of thanksgiving to Thee.  Amen

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