HYMN 712

t.H.C 366 8s 7s (FE 739)
Tune 8s 7s Okan mi yin Oba orun

1.  CHERUBIM Band in procession 

     Into our anniversary

     Heavenly Hosts with us proceed 

     All the earth thy voices raise.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah

              Young and old thine chorus raise - 2ce

2.  Thanks we offer to the Saviour 

     For His saving grace on us 

     Enemies encamped around us 

     But Christ Jesus saved us all.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

3.  Holy Spirit abide with us 

     Be with Thine congregation 

     Cherubim and the Seraphim 

     In heaven may fellowship.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

4.  Oh God Almighty our Father

     Most Magnificent our King

     Lest we starve all our days on earth 

     Let none forever regret.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

5.  Cherubim with heavenly hosts 

     Divine vision of prophets

     Holy Michael bearing his sword 

     On horse back round about us.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

6.  Divine protection of our Lord 

     Is the sure shield of our Band 

     Never will evil befall us

     By the strength of Trinity.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

7.  Safe delivery for the pregnant 

     Barren thine joy is now here 

     Nursing mothers no cause for loss 

     Death will never o‘ercome us.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

8.  All ye jobless, all ye idle 

     All ye male and ye female

     Blessings of our God Almighty

     Is in/com/pre/hen/sible. 

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

9.  Join us chorus halleluyah 

     For Cherubim turn of year

     Of establishment of the Band

     Amidst Bands of Seraphim. 

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah...

10.  King of the Band of Cherubim 

       Is Christ Jesus our Great Lord

       We are singing and rejoicing

       Glory be to Divine Lamb.

Chorus: Halleluyah, Halleluyah

              Young and old thine chorus raise

              Young and old thine chorus raise.  Amen

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