HYMN 549

C.M.S 435 H.C 339 L.M (FE 575)
Tune: LM “Ji okan mi dide giri"

1.  OH blessed lamb divine of God

     Cleanse me with Thine blood Lord I plead 

     Let me alone Thine will to know

     Pain is sweet and death hath reward.

2.  Lift up my soul from earth away 

     Let it be Thine for ever Lord

     Fill into my heart Lord Thine seal 

     The seal of life for ever more.

3.  Ah! How great is their joy Oh Lord 

     Whose refuge is Thine riven side

     In thee hath they, their power and strength 

     In Thee Oh Lord they dine and wine.

4.  It is of great surprise oh God

     That by grace Thine glory we earn 

     By Thine adoption we are crowned 

     To wallow in eternal bliss.

5.  Father we plead, may we rethink 

     Thine wonderous works to appreciate 

     At liberty, our tongues to set 

     May we speak often of Thine love.

6.  Christ Jesus Lord Thou art our head 

     To Thee shall we reverendly bow

     To Thee shall we render our soul

     In death, in life let us be Thine.  Amen

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