HYMN 370

C.M.S. 254 8s. 8s. 6s (FE 392)

1.  WHEN ends earth's long and evil day 

     This world of misery and of woe 

     There is a place so bright

     No change or decay there to find 

     No night, but all eternal day

     Tell me, will you be there?

2.  It’s pearly gates are closed to sin 

     No unclean thing shall enter in

     To spoil the place so bright

     That happy, shinning golden shore 

     No curse will ever there be found 

     Tell me, will you be there?

3.  Who will be there the lowly heart 

     Who served the Lord in godly fear 

     Who count the world but loss 

     Those led by the Holy Spirit

     Those who walk in the narrow way 

     They are those to be there.  Amen

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