HYMN 570

H.C. 2nd Ed 339 9s (FE 597)

1.  REST of the weary, joy of the sad

     Hope of the dreary, light of the glad 

     Home of the stranger, strength to the end 

     Refuge from danger, Saviour and friend.

2.  Pillow, where lying, love rests its head

     Peace of the dying, life of the dead 

     Path of the lowly, prize at the end 

     Breath of the holy, Saviour and friend.

3.  When my feet stumble to Thee I‘ll cry 

     Crown of the humble, cross of the high 

     When my steps wander, over me bend 

     Truer and fender, Saviour and Friend.

4.  Ever confessing Thee, I will raise

     Unto Thee blessing, glory, and praise

     All my endeavour, world without end

     Thine to be ever, Saviour and Friend.  Amen

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