HYMN 483

C.M.S 430 H.C 432 10 s (FE 509)
"For ye have the poor with you always"
- Mark 14:7

1.  I GO, the poor, My poor are with you still 

     And ye may help them when and as ye will.

2.  Such was the legacy Incarnate Love 

     Bequcath‘d His own before He soar‘d above.

3.  Not gold or jewels, but His poor to claim 

     Our succour for the sake of His dear name.

4.  No weary burden, but a rich bequest 

     Whereby who blesses is himself 

     twice bless'd.

5.  ls it not ours today? Are not the pour 

     The hungry and thc naked, at our door!

6.  And unto night moans of anguish rise

     By day and night from suffers to the skies!

7.  The wounded soul, the broken heart’s distress

     To us His servants of the balm of heaven.

8.  And He, who gave Himself for all has given 

     To us His servants of the balm of heaven.

9.  None are so poor but have some love 
     to show'r,

     On poorer than themselves, and this is pow’r.

10.  This is the worship pure and undefiled

       The Father claims of every heav’n born child.  Amen

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