C.M.S. 38, C.H 224 7s (FE 56)

1.  ERE another Sabbath close,

     Ere again we seek repose

     LORD, our song ascends to Thee 

     At Thy feel we how the knee.

2.  For the mercies of the day

     For this rest upon our way

     Thanks to Thee alone be given

     LORD and King of earth and Heaven.

3.  Cold our services have been 

     Prayers and praises stained with sin 

     But Thou canst and will forgive

     By Thy grace alone we live.

4.  Whilst this thorny path we tread 

     May Thy love our footsteps lead 

     When our journey here is past, 

     May we rest with Thee at last.

5.  Let these earthly Sabbaths prove 

     Foretastes of our joys above 

     While our pilgrims steps we bend 

     To the rest, which knows no end.

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