HYMN 261

C.M.S 177 H.C 305 11s (FE 281)
"He is able to keep that which I have 
committed unto Him" - 2 Tim 1:12

1.  Jesus, I will trust Thee, Trust Thee with 

     my soul 

     Guilty, lost and helpless

     Thou canst make me whole

     There is none in heaven, or on earth like thee 

     Thou has died for Sinners, therefore, Lord for me

2.  Jesus, I may trust Thee, name of matchless worth 

     Spoken by the angel, at Thy wonderous birth 

     Written and for ever, on Thy cross of shame 

     Sinners read and worship

     Trusting in that name.

3.  Jesus I must trust Thee, pondering on Thy ways 

     Full of love and mercy, all Thine earthly days

     Sinners gather'd round Thee, Lepers sought

     Thy face.

     None too vile or loathsome, for a Saviour's grace.

4.  Jesus I can trust Thee, trust thy written word, 

     Though Thy voice of pity, I have never heard,

     When Thy Spirit teacheth, to my taste how sweet

     Only may I harken, sitting at Thy Feet.

5.  Jesus I do trust Thee, trust without a doubt 

     Whosoever cometh, thou will not cast out 

     Faithful is Thy promise, precious is Thy blood 

     These my soul's salvation

     Thou my Saviour God.  Amen

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