1.  FATHER, breathe an evening blessing

     Ere repose our spirit seal,

     Sin and want we come confessing: 

     Thoucans:save.andThoucansl heal.

2.  Though the night be dark and dreary 

     Darkness cannot hide from Thee 

     Thou art He who, never weary 

     Watchest where Thy people be.

3.  Though destruction walk around us, 

     Though the arrows past us fly

     Angel guards from Thee surround us 

     We are safe, if Thou art nigh.

4.  Blessed Spirit, brooding o’er us 

     Chase the darkness of our night 

     Till the perfect day before us 

     Breaks in everlasting light.

5.  Father, to Thy holy keeping 

     Humbly we ourselves resign 

     Saviour, who hast slept our sleeping 

     Make our slumbers pure as Thine

6.  Holy Spirit on us descend 

     Darkness ever cast away

     Till Thy glorious day we’ll witness 

     Everlasting Light so bright.  Amen

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